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Container Home

Specifications Porta Cabin Site Office :

  1. Cheap to ship
  2. Professional design
  3. Easy to install
  4. Fast construction

Porta Cabin Site Office :

  1. Porta cabin , environmental friendly, customized design, easy construction, time, and labor saving
  2. Prefabricated and customized design
  3. Easy construction, time, and labor saving
  4. Fireproof, non-shrinking, and enlarging work size with little pollutions
  5. The wall and roof system combines several kinds of materials which can resist different kinds of weather
  6. New building materials are environmental friendly and energy-conserving

Advantage of Porta Cabin :

It can be assembly and disassembly at will and quickly, and convenient to transfer and move. It is fit to locate in hillside, hill, grassland, desert, riverside, and temporary houses when construction and earthquake and as blinds, etc.

Container Home

Specifications Container Home :

  1. CE certified
  2. Customer design
  3. Easy to transport

Container Home

The container housing completely decoration of inner walls, with flooring, doors, windows, network security, lighting, sockets, switches, exhaust fans, air-conditioned spaces readily available for use as workers dormitory, clean, beautiful, safe and convenient.

It advantages :

  1. Good insulation
  2. Sound insulation
  3. Safe and efficient
  4. Without foundation
  5. Easy to transport
  6. Easy to move
  7. Its strong stability
  8. Long service life

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