Cubicle Partition

Cubicle Partitions

Toilet cubicle partition Specifications :
1. Material is phenolic resin compact sheet,
2. Resistant to water, moisture, heat, impact,
3. Durable, no rust, no toxic, easy to clean,
4. Customized supported,
5. Low Cost Maintainence

Specifications Toilet cubicle partition :
1. Resistant to water,   2. Easy to clean,   3. High quality

Performance of Toilet Partition :
1. Resistant to wear and scraping change impact resistance,
2. Waterproof and moistureproof mouldproof, antibacterial easy clean,
3. Fire heat resistant fume burning,
4. Resistance to chemical corrosion,
5. Environmental protection harmless,
6. Stability is strong, is out of shape not easily,
7. Surface treatment variety, color is rich

Cubicle Partition

Item Code : CP
Specifications Durable, no rust, no toxic, easy to clean and Low Cost Maintainence

Cubical Partition Specifications :

  1. Material is phenolic resin compact sheet.
  2. Resistant to water, moisture, heat, impact.
  3. Durable, no rust, no toxic, easy to clean.
  4. Customized supported.
  5. Low Cost Maintainence.


The shell fabricated from tested quality steel duly welded, comprising of base frame, peripheral structure, self draining roof, entry door and windows. The four corner Column will be sufficiently strengthened to facilitate transportation, lifting and placing.

Base Frame

The base frame would be made of pressed mild steel channel section. The main structural element will be 125 x 62 plate bending section. And cross members should be of 'C' channels section size 75 mm x 40 mm.

Flooring System

On the bottom frame 18 mm thick composite cement sheet will be fixed by means of self tapping screw. The same will be finished with anti sleeper tiles.


Self draining type roof will be made out of 1.6mm thick M.S. Sheet, adequate roof bows are to be provided. Roof will be adequately cambered for draining of rainwater. Interior paneling would be done in 6 mm PVC Sheet with adequate insulation.

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