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Industrial & Commercial Toilet Cubicles

Industrial and commercial toilet cubicles should be designed for ease of cleaning and hygienic usage.

The ease with which modern washroom facilities and toilet cubicles are cleaned is perhaps the single most important consideration for the designer. Health and safety is of course a prime consideration when designing and installing washroom facilities and toilet cubicles. There are always reports on the news and in the press about outbreaks of one bug or other laying low whole swathes of a workforce.

The better the design and ease of cleaning means there is less of a potential risk of infections spreading, although no matter how well toilet and washroom facilities are designed, generally poor hygiene practices are to blame. Education of the workforce with signs reminding people to 'wash hands after use' is a practical measure which can be taken.

The overall flexible approach and a custom made solution which works well and delivers a safe, robust washroom solution regardless of the industry or commercial sector your business operates in is a must. Washroom facilities and in particular toilet facilities should in the main be totally practical, and yet as pleasing to the eye as a washroom can be given the reason anyone visits a washroom.

Depending on the location, that is to say a factory, restaurant, hotel or other commercial environment the facilities will need to be able to withstand heavy usage. Unlike a single toilet in an office where only one or two people work and the usage will be light, in a factory or large industrial site where many tens or hundreds of staff work, usage will be on an industrial scale.

Given that the toilet in your home is perhaps flushed half a dozen times a day, or the sink in your bathroom is used maybe a few more times a day, the facilities in a public washroom are in constant use day in day out. The potential of damage if they aren't robust enough is high; the potential for abuse by less than hygienic use is higher.

If you own or run a business you will be acutely aware of the Health and Safety legislation; within the framework of the legislation are guidelines on the type and number of facilities you need to provide a workforce, or indeed other stakeholders and members of the public visiting your premises. If you have an issue or need new toilet and washroom facilities, always consult an expert with a long track record in the industry.

Do your current washroom facilities and toilet cubicles cater for your staff and visitor numbers?

The health and Safety at Work regulations are quite specific in the number of toilet cubicles, wash hand basins and shower cubicles that are provided for staff using the site. In addition there is a minimum number laid down for the provision of urinals in toilets provided for male employees and visitors

Obviously, if the site is not open to members of the public such as a restaurant, department store or shopping mall then the provision for washroom facilities and toilet cubicles isn't an option for consideration. However, it is far better to have more than the prescribed minimum if only to save on potential fines for not adhering to and complying with the legislation

All owners of industrial and commercial premises have a duty of care to provide sufficient toilet and washroom facilities. Most commercial and industrial premises comply; however, if your premises are being refurbished and renovated or indeed completely restyled, make sure the architects and designers work closely in conjunction with a professional outfit providing on site washroom and sanitation facilities.

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