As a manufacturer of top caliber kiosks, D M Prefab Structures Pvt Ltd. is constantly pursuing and achieving the highest standards of production and quality control in the industry in manufacturing, design and engineering standard product line of kiosks include: interactive kiosks, self service kiosks, touch screen kiosks, kiosk enclosures, computer kiosks, information kiosks, retail kiosks, financial kiosks, hr kiosks and information kiosks.

We at D M Prefab Structures Pvt Ltd.,create the minimalist and elegant design of our info kiosks, a modern look that quickly attracts your customers' attention. We offer individual color choice and the possibility to adapt each product to your brand, allowing an information kiosk to fit into any given environment. Whether at an airport, shopping mall, or fair: our standard kiosks are suitable for use as an internet access point, multimedia station, or as an interactive, information system.

Key Advantages of Interactive Kiosks

Improvement of Service Levels

Self-service kiosks provide high customer satisfaction speeding up processes and removing waiting queues. Terminals also improve staff efficiency and visitor experience. There are no more issues with administration mistakes and time restrictions. Customers can choose, decide and transact privately on their own, 24 hours per day.

Better Quality of Information Supply

Informed consumers are much more likely to buy. Deliver self-service information in an attractive way and keep it accurate easily. With kiosk information systems there is no need to print and distribute brochures any more, Make updates remotely in minutes and at no cost.

Improvement of Company Image

Self-service kiosks provide a product or service at low cost, with minimal waiting time and faster transactions having a positive effect on company image, creating customer satisfaction an incentive to repurchase. That all plays an essential role in creating and maintaining customer loyalty.

Customer Engagement

Use the waiting time in boring waiting areas to the advantage of your business and by interaction provide customers with information on your business.

Eye-catching unique design

The distinctive, smart design created by our experienced interior designer can easily complement interior design to underline the uniqueness of the company brand.

Kiosk Applications
  1. Government Kiosks
  2. Healthcare Kiosks
  3. Hospitality Kiosks
  4. Retail kiosks
  5. Ticketing kiosks
  6. Check-in kiosks
  7. Virtual Receptionist kiosks
  8. Higher Education Kiosks
  9. Human Resources Kiosks
  10. Internet Kiosks
  11. Cyber security kiosks
  12. Wayfinding kiosks
  13. iPad Kiosks
  14. Order Entry kiosks
  15. Lead Generation Kiosks
  16. Casino Loyalty Kiosks

We are one of the Leading Manufacturers and Fabricators of highly qualitative Government Kiosks, Healthcare Kiosks, Hospitality Kiosks, Retail kiosks, Ticketing kiosks, Check-in kiosks, Virtual Receptionist kiosks, Higher Education Kiosks, Human Resources Kiosks, Internet Kiosks, Cyber security kiosks, Wayfinding kiosks, iPad Kiosks, Order Entry kiosks, Lead Generation Kiosks, Casino Loyalty Kiosks for all our valued customers in India.

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