Labour Camp For Accomodation


Prefabricated steel framed buildings, portable cabins, kitset homes, emergency shelter and housing By using light steel as its framework, materials are sandwich panel, total new conception and economical and environmental protected house, which also called prefabricated houses.

Labour Camp For Accomodation

Specifications labour Camp :

Heavy Duty Oil Field Standard Lift And Carry Type Skid Mounted Camp Container With Bottom Two Runner Skid. Labor Camp For Accomodation** Specification

  1. Skide Mounted Heavy Duity Oil Field Standard Container Camp.
  2. Two Runner Heavy Duity Bottom Skide.
  3. Fully Welded Wall With Bottom And Top To Assure Long Life And Hi Grade Quality.
  4. Hi Quality Insulation For Extream Weather Condtion.
  5. Fully Furnished And Well Equipped For Comfortable Stay.
  6. A Home Away From Home For Labour.

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