Pre-Engineered Building

Pre-Engineered Building

Pre-Engineered Building

The Pre-Engineered building system is , undoubtedly one of the fastest growing building systems in the world. The reason is that it offers speed, quality and value.

Applications of Pre-Engineered Building are numerous. Infact , Pre-Engineered Building are ideal for any non-residential and low-rise buildings. These buildings have become an essential option for a number of buildings such as warehouses in infrastructure projects and production shops for every conceivable manufacturing activity. With large, clean floor areas free of columns or obstructions , Pre-Engineered Buildings find favour with organizations who have very dynamic plans related to products and process handled by them over a period of time.

Specially in warehouses, the Pre-Engineered Buildings allow more storage and stacking than the conventional concepts such as – concrete and site fabricated structural steel. PEB permit end user to optimize column free space to suit racking arrangements and internal logistical requirements.

Pre-Engineered Buildings are designed using best suited raw-material available from all sources that can efficiently satisfy a wide range of structural and aesthetic design requirements. These buildings are becoming increasingly common due to the reduced amount of Pre-Engineering involved in custom computer-aided designs.

In order to accurately design a Pre-Engineered buildings, we consider the clear span between bearing points at bay spacing, roof slope , live loads , dead loads, collateral loads , wind uplift, maximum practical size and weight of the fabricated members. These Pre-Engineered Buildings are adapted to suit a wide variety of structural applications. An efficiently designed Pre-Engineered Building can be lighter than the conventional steel buildings by upto 30%. Lighter weight equates to less steel and a potential price savings in structural frame works . These Pre-Engineered Buildings, the I-Beams used are usually formed by welding together steel plates to form the I-Section . The I-Beams are then field – assembled to form the entire frame of the Pre-Engineered Building. Larger plate dimensions re used in areas of higher load effects.

Advantages of Pre-Engineered Building

Low Initial Cost Due To

  1. The use of tapered built up columns and rafters
  2. The use of Z-shaped purlins and girts that allows over lapping
  3. Foundation are fewer and lighter

Superior Product Quality

  1. Welding is done by professional vendors
  2. Materials are ordered as per recognized standards
  3. Fabrication is done as per a quality plan

Fast Project Construction

  1. Anchor bolts are delivered earlier than the building
  2. Buildings are fabricated and delivered with in a shirt period due to standardization
  3. Fast erection because all members are field bolted

Functional Versatility

  1. Modular construction
  2. Large clear spans
  3. Long bay spacing
  4. Buildings are easily expandable on all sides (allowing for future expansion)

Architectural Flexibility

  1. Aesthetic features such as parapets and curved eaves greatly improved the appearance of the building
  2. Flashing and trims are available in different shapes and colours
  3. A wide range of wall and roof sheeting

Low Maintenance and Operating Cost

  1. Virtually no maintenance required for all panels
  2. Roof requires only periodic cleaning
  3. Annual washing of eave gutters
  4. Water Light roofs
  5. Energy efficient roof and wall systems through usage of insulations

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