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Temporary Site Office

Specifications Temporary Site Office :

  1. Anti-rust, fireproof
  2. Anti seismic
  3. Quick fabrication
  4. Eco- friendly

Characteristics of temporary site office :

  1. Galvanized steel or powder coated steel as the major part of structure which is firm and durable, it has quite good capacity to resist corruption.
  2. The main material of the wall, roof is light and strong. It is produced by injected EPS or PU between 2 steel sheets. They have quite good capacity of water proof, moisture proof and heat resistance.
  3. The light steel structure with the good quality sandwich panel could resist different weather, such as typhoon, heavy rain and earthquake.
  4. Almost dry construction, the assemble of light steel villa do not need much water, which is more environmental friendly than building the concrete building. More fit to the eco trend.
  5. Water pipe and wires could be fixed into and be hidden into the sandwich panel which is good looking.
  6. Good to design and decorate. The floor and wall could be decorated by different material according to the user's idea.

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